Self-taught artist in the DMV area.  My artistic narrative is simple:  personifying emotions, beliefs and social concepts through ethnic patterns, shadings, and mediums across the full spectrum of color.


I hope you receive my pieces fully, as much as I enjoy creating them.


- Tracy L. Barwick


Special Notes:

yo...your art/heart work is absolutely incredible.  bless...

  • Ursula Rucker, poetess | artist | activist

Thank you very much for sharing with me your new work.  I would like to let you know that I like the "Inside Man" for the fact that it achieves the quality of “wholeness”.   Every element is in tune with and enhances a thematic goal. The simplicity offers richness at the same time. The geometric elements form jointly a strong architectural framework for the image.  This is just my feelings in responding to your outstanding work. It is by no means a critique, which I have no experience with.  Thank you and congratulations!

  • Ai-Wen Wu Kratz, renowned visual artist (


It seems that you’re fully flexing both the creative and analytical parts of your brain/soul.  Fantastic.



I have taken time to visit your website.  Since more than twenty years experience as art historian, I have seen a lot of artworks and sometimes I think, there is nothing really new what can astonighsing me.  But your works are very special. I don’t want to use the word amazing, because everybody is always using it. No, I think your artworks are magic. Full of colors and energy on the one hand - very structured, under control - on the other hand.


  • Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, Art History Consulting (Denmark)

Hi TLBarwick, I checked out your artwork. How would you describe your style? For me it has a connection to the Ancestors while also speaking to the future. I find it simple, geometric, and strong. It’s kinda scary too maybe because of the dark colors.

  • Piper Carter, Visionary Creative Director & Cultural Organizer (Piper Carter Studio)









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